The MCR Committee

The MCR Committee exists to uphold the MCR constitution. They do this by getting involved with everything from arranging dinners and events to attending meetings to ensure that the College and University listen to what you have to say. The committee is made up of members from the current MCR community.

To find out about what each position entails and how the MCR Committee is elected, please click here.

Email Addresses


Alice Rees

CRSID - aemr5

LGBT+ Officer

Jennings Magdalena

CRSID - hmj29

Accommodation Officer

Abigail Scarlett

CRSID - als202

Dinners Secretary

Sarah Stenton

CRSID - sls74

Computer Officer

Cihon Peter

CRSID - ptwc2

International Officer

Luxi Qiao

CRSID - lq218

Welfare Officer

Dipti Jasrasaria

CRSID - dj337

Green and Ethical Officer

Young Kwon

CRSID - yk329

Womens Officer

Riva Riley

CRSID - rjr58

Swaps Secretary

Rachel Evans

CRSID - re322


Delphine Depierreux

CRSID - dd475


Susanna O'Brien

CRSID - scho2

Events Secretary

Shmuel Bindell

CRSID - smmb2

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