MCR Green Formal Dinner

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Key Facts

When is it happening
6:00pm, Monday, May 8th 2017
Total number of people who can attent
How many guests each MCR member can bring
Price for MCR members
Price for guests of MCR members
Deadline for sign-up
10:00am, Monday, May 1st 2017
Will the online table planner be used
Contact person for this event
Sarah Stenton - sls74

Event Description

Inspired by our Emma MCR green officer Young Mi, the Green Formal will help to promote sustainability at Emma by using local and ecologically sustainable ingredients.
The formal will be on Monday the 8th of May. The deadline for sign-up will be on Tuesday 2nd of May at 10am.
We’re encouraging a green themed dress code, so think green and floral prints! (plus gowns!)
We’ll be heading to a bar afterwards for drinks (location TBC).

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